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77773 Schenkenzell
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For active vacation:
Schenkenzell and its boroughs Kaltbrunn, Wittichen and Vortal are located in the midst of the romantic valley of the river Kinzig.

The beautiful landscape along with the mild and sunny climate make the Black Forest one of the most popular vacation destinations in Germany. Our region is famous for its hospitality, the cuisine, numerous attractions, museums, pools and spas, amusement parks and recreation areas. Hotel Waldblick is the perfect starting point to conveniently reach all the attractions the Black Forest has to offer.
Also, our neighboring countries Switzerland and France are just a short drive away.


Recommended attractions in the vicinity:


• Black Forest Open-Air Museum, 27 km
• Hansgrohe Aquademie in Schiltach, 3 km
• Europapark Rust, 80 km
• Gengenbach 40 Km
• Straßburg, 85 km
• Feldberg, 100 km
• Lake of Constance, Island Mainau, 110 km
• Barfoot Park in Dornstetten-Hallwangen, 25 km
• Waterfalls Triberg, 38 km
The following destinations in the vicinity of the hotel can be reached conveniently with public transportation, free of charge with your Konus Guest Card. The Ortenau S-Train departs right across the hotel and will take you to your Black Forest destination every hour.



Famous destination with a historic old town, artful renovated half-timber houses. The picturesque market place with an old fountain and city house shape the medieval flair of the town. Four interesting museums can be visited; the largest private pharmacy museum in Germany, the Hansgrohe Museum "Aquademie" for Water-Bath-Design; the museum located at the Market Place; as well as the " Schüttesägemuseum" which informs about the history of Schiltach. Schiltach is a member of "Deutschen Fachwerkstraße" and "Schickardtstraße". The tannery of Schiltach, last of its kind in the mid-Black Forest, is worth a visit as well.


Little Black Forest town where the rivers Kinzig and Wolf join each other. Wolfach is a recognized climatic spa with castle and chapel Fürstenberger, has a museum of local history with mineral collection, an educational wood and bird trails, and regional carnival traditions. We recommend the visit of the "Dorotheenhütte", the last full glassblowing workshop remaining in the Black Forest, as well as the "Gläserland", the glass museum, and the Christmas village. Distance: 10 km.


Romantic Benedictine monastery with gothic cloister, concerts with international orchestras; photo gallery Alpirsbach, beer brewery museum, glassblowing workshop with glass exhibit. Distance: 6 km.


The Five-Valley-Town has 3 well-preserved castle ruins and is located on the famous "Uhrenstrasse" (clock trail): worth seeing is the Chapel Falkenstein from the 15th century, with clock museum in the castle. Schramberg is also known for the radio-controlled clock manufacturer Junghans and the unique carnival tradition “Bach na -Fahrt”. Distance: 10 km.


Small entertainment park with train, jumping castle for kids, exhibit of taxidermied animals, games, model train, and cafetria. Distance: 15 km.


Climatic spa with beautiful hiking trails around the "Fohrenbühl" and "Gedächtnishaus" of the Black Forest Club.


Beautiful little town with cloister garden, wine history and a city hall that turns into the biggest Christmas calendar of Germany every year. Wonderfully renovated half-timber houses, hidden corners and little alleys invite for a walk.


Home of the famous traditional hat for women, the "Bollenhut". Black Forest Open-Air Museum with original Black Forest houses and exhibit on the cultural history. Distance: 15 km.


Home of the famous “Hornberger Shooting”, open-air plays, educational mushroom exhibit, considered the prettiest part of the Black Forest train, castle ruins Hornberg. The company Duravit offers a unique exhibit in their show rooms. Distance: 25 km.


Historical town, famous for the market and the landmarked old town, museum for traditional clothes and uniforms in the former Chapucin monestary. Distance: 25 km.


This spa town is famous for its huge market place (water fountains: May - September) and numerous facilities and activities fostering the individual well-being. Freudenstadt is the home to “Panoramabad”, a large indoor/outdoor pool with wellness area. Distance: 20 km.


The former Roman town “Arae Flaviae”, revived again by the "Zähringer", has a well-preserved old town with "Heiligkreuzmünster", "Schwarzem Tor", city museum, and art collection Dursch in the Lorenz-Church. Rottweil is well-known for its "Fastnacht" and the tradtional "Narrensprung" on Rose Monday. Large indoor/outdoor pool "Aquasol" with wellness area. Distance: 30 km.


Vacation destination Lossburg:
Located at the origins of River Kinzig, 600-800 m above sea level with 5 boroughs. Take a hike through the magical area along the River Kinzig following the educational forest trail to the "Vogteiturm", a 32m high observation tower, which is worth a visit in any case. Take a break and dine at the tavern "Zur Alten Kirche" in Unterbrändi or check out the newly established museum "Altes Rathaus". Distance: 16 km.